Hi, are you in the edge of building a blog or you think the niche you are on now is not bringing something you wanted. You want to know the niche that is suitable for your blog. Well, in this post, I will be sharing with you how to determine a niche for your blog. Not just a niche, but a suitable niche for your blog.

how to determine a niche for a blog

If you are not careful here, it is going to affect you a lot that’s why I congratulate you for coming across this post explaining some featured niches and with experience, what niche I think is the best.

What is a Niche?

A Niche is a collection of keywords that makes up a blog that means the collective of your keywords makes up a blog. Car keywords makes up a niche. Keywords are words that major point about a post. For example if you want to launch or publish a post, it is very important to focus on a keyword, take note of that, it is good for readers’ consumption and you can also do the same.

Are all Niches Profitable

Ofcourse, you should know there are a lot of niches we have;


Celebrity Gossip;




Loans and credit cards,

Foods and Drinks



Make Money Niches

But to mention but few, there are a lot of them but be sure that all cannot be profitable, in terms of traffic and in terms of income as well. There are some niches that you need to have tons of traffic before you can actually make good money from it while some niches doesn’t really need much traffic per say although it is needed but still you will be able to make money from your blog. I have failed in some niches, some that are not profitable well, I didn’t know that time but was after, and that’s the bad news of not knowing after.

Analysing and Picking Niches

How do you analyse niches and pick up a niche for your new blog, it is very simple. Let me use a finance niche I started one time like that and a make money niche in conparism.  It goes thus with make money niche, I wrote few articles to establish a blog, and I started using pinterest to drive traffic to my blog, receiving like 1000 visitors or so to my blog per day and at the end of the day with Google adsense, I was making like $10-20 per day and with I was making like something similar to adsense but with a finance niche, basically loans and credit balance keywords and I was making like $50-90 on adsense and something similar like that on Can you see the difference, for me I always say because you are starting blogging as a real business, you got to treat it like business and by that you got to be testing a lot with different niches and see what works best for you. What do I mean? Should I give you a straight niche you should start blogging about, what about you are someone good about relationship, with experience you can help another person’s relationship work, shouldn’t you write about that. It is sill for anyone that say you shouldn’t follow passion while blogging because I tell you that’s what matters on the long run.

But in the aspect of making money, I will say you should also consider some niches that are paying well and also focus on your passion because to be sincere, you are blogging to help others and also to help yourselves or what the hell you are blogging if you are not to make money.

In short, all niches are profitable.

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