The Most effective method to be Successful on Upwork: Your Complete Guide to Freelancing

Do you want to learn how to be successful on upwork? Then in this post, i will be sharing with you how to make money online with a freelancing website upwork. I am very sure you are fully aware of it but have you been able to make good substantial amount of money from it. In this post, i will be sharing with you how to make money online in Nigeria with upwork, a step by step guide.

We are huge fans of Upwork and really, truly believe that Upwork can be a great place to kick off your freelancing business and find work that lets you travel the world while you work.

Don’t let the naysayers get you down. It’s possible, it works and it’s not all cheap-as-chips jobs. We know this because we have personally used (and continue to use) Upwork to find and win long term clients.

What is the Secret to Upwork Success?

So what is our secret sauce? What do successful freelancers on Upwork do that you’re not doing?

You know what? There is no secret.

The “secret” lies in perfecting 2 things:

1. Creating an AWESOME, optimised and attractive profile that will make potential clients want to say “Yes, you’re the one!”

2. Writing super ENGAGING, succinct and interesting proposals that make your clients hit that hire button.

It’s not earth-shattering advice and probably what you’ve already heard before (don’t roll your eyes!). But, the magic happens when you actually IMPLEMENT this advice.

You might KNOW that you need a good profile, but if you don’t actually CREATE a good profile on Upwork – you’re not going to see any results. Know what I mean?

So basically, the secret sauce behind sweet, delicious Upwork money-making success is a simple 4 step process

1. READ: Inhale all the advice you can from successful Upwork freelancer.

2. IMPLEMENT: Actually put the advice to use by creating a wow profile and writing non-boring proposals.

3. TEST: Your job’s not done. Test and keep testing until you find the formula that works. Keep tweaking that profile. Continue to rewrite those proposals.

4. GET HIRED: Finally, and most importantly – all of your efforts should result in you getting hired for the job.

Ok that’s enough shouty ALL CAPS for now.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of our most popular Upwork-related articles from the blog, in one easy flow.

So go on, have a read and start implementing!

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Get Ready to Succeed on ONLINE

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