Why You Should Start a Blog – So Many Positives!- As a Nigerian

Every day a lot of blogs is being published but many of them never tend to spend more than a year blogging. In Nigeria, because of the rate of unemployment, a lot of people are creating blog but many dont know the in and out on how to start a blog and how to make it successful, thats why in this post, i will be teaching you how to start a blog in Nigerian and run it.

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I ‘ve heard some people say that there are too many new blogs out there, but who cares? I LOVE reading new blogs and hearing what they have to say. Who wants to hear the same ol’ story over and over? I want new and fresh perspectives on everything!

start your blog in Nigeria

Below are reasons for why you should start blogging:

1. To Have Fun

Before I started blogging, I never gave it a single thought. Now that I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years, I couldn’t imagine not blogging. I like reading posts on other blogs, finding new people to talk to, giveaways, and especially writing. Blogging is a fun hobby to have, regardless of the subject that you talk about. Blog about what you enjoy to talk about! Pursue your passion…

2. To Blog For Others

Not everyone blogs for others, but I like to talk about personal finance so that maybe I can help others as well. For me, I have learned a lot (and I’m still learning) about blogging, extra income, personal finance and everything else – all from other bloggers. If other bloggers never talked about extra income, I probably would have never pushed myself to create side hustles.

3. To Be a Part of an Awesome Community

I’ve made a lot of good friends through my blog. And I love receiving emails from readers and blog-friends that I’ve made. Being able to connect and learn from others is one of the biggest positives of blogging.

4. To Grow

Without my blog, I don’t think I would care as much about personal finance. Yes, I care, but I most likely wouldn’t be so focused on extra income like I am now.

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